February 4th Live In Person or Live Stream

Molecular Hydrogen Expo Details

This event is one you will not want to miss. Bob and Amanda are Prepared to give you transformational information on the Health aspect of Hydrogen (H2) and its practical use as well as the science of Hydrogen and why it's safe, effective and appropriate for everyone looking to live longer and Better with the simplest most powerful molecule Hydrogen.

For the second part of our Hydrogen Event we will focus on Sales, Branding, Marketing and applying yourself as an affiliate for The Best Hydrogen Water.

If you have not already heard the NEWS Hydrogen is the Newest, Trendiest Topic and Fastest Growing in the Medical field with over 2000 Studies and growing every day.

The Problem is the lack of Quality and Innovative technology in the Hydrogen Space as well as Sales Associates Representing Hydrogen Products in the Marketplace. This is why we want you as an Affiliate for us.

For those of you who are Affiliates you are invited Sunday February the 5th from 10AM- 2PM.

During this time you will receive one on one time with Amanda & Robert where you will be set up for success Branded and adding a level of credibility interview style, videos, photos and book signing. You must be enrolled as an affiliate in order to participate in this powerful Sunday Event.


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